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Origyne·s, meaningful corporate events
Origyne·s, meaningful corporate events

meaningful events

Origyne•s changes the mechanisms of classic events to give them new meaning through simple actions for lasting outcomes.

  • Meditation and yoga to serve your missions

mindfulness in the spot light

Meditation and Yoga to serve your missions

Origyne•s changes the way events are traditionally organized by adding mindfulness meditation techniques before the various work sessions in order to optimize the transmission of your message to the audience.

This method enhances the concentration and the attention of the participants to make your conference more successful.

We also offer optional postural yoga sessions.

  • Gentle methods of communication

communicating kindly

Get your message across, using gentle methods of communication

The way in which your message is delivered is crucial for it to be well understood. This is why we use tools of kind & non-violent communication, allowing to deliver your messages more effectively and thus to increase the success of your event.

Goodwill is the key for your audiance to be as receptive as possible to your message.

  • Have a positive impact on your environment

positive impact

Have a positive impact on your environment

With an eco-responsible approach, we suggest that you minimize the impact of your event on the environment, such as by favoring local and regional suppliers and speakers, or by drastically reducing the amount of waste produced to aim for a "zero waste" conference.

We can also establish the carbon footprint of your event in case you wish to offset it.

Origyne•s is a member of the 1% for the Planet association and stays active with the NGO Eco-Bénin which is very close to our heart.

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