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How about a meeting in the Alps?

Un séminaire en montagne

You are looking for a destination to host your next meeting and you think: “Why not the Alps?… but it’s more a winter destination, isn’t it?”

Obviously, the mountains are great in winter! With the traditional fondue evenings in a mountain hut, the not to be missed snowshoe hikes and why not a legendary snowball fight that will freeze your fingers and soak your feet to the bones.

But the mountains feature opportunities all year round and each season has much more to offer than just the iconic snowy landscapes.

Spring for example! The season of revival where everything comes back to life. The melting snow, giving way to crocuses and other beautiful mountain flowers. Listen to the silence and watch the landscapes change as the days get longer and the temperature rises.

Then comes the month of June with the summer vacations just around the corner. It’s the ideal to gather your team and reflect on the past year to then set the goals and new directions for the coming year. Are you looking for a peaceful, cosy place, away from the hustle and bustle, with easy access and different from what you are used to?

We have the prefect solution for you: the northern Alps!
Only one hour drive from the nearest international airport (Geneva), less than three hours by train from Paris, this peaceful and green destination offers a wide choice of accommodation with diverse atmospheres, a large range of activities to share with your co-workers.

The Chamonix valley, Megève & Val d’Arly, the Mont Blanc country, the Tarentaise area, Valais area in Switzerland, and many other areas. Whether your meeting takes place in France, Switzerland or Italy, we will find the best mountain resort to host you next meeting.

You may think that there are complications to chose a mountain destination: “What aout the weather? What if it rains, what do we do?” Well, like anywhere else, there is always a plan B! And there is no shortage of ideas … Beyond the work sessions that can be organized anywhere (even on video as you have experienced in the past few months …), outdoor activities in the mountains will reveal your team personalities, and they are a great tool to bond between co-workers. The outdoors bring out the best in all of us and will allow to express a certain creativity.

And if the weather is playing against us, there are many options to have fun and challenge your team while staying dry. Need ideas? this way !

So, whether it’s an end of year meeting, a review, a launch, we will find the perfect season to host your event in the mountains!

Contact-us on to enquire about the best season to host your alpine meeting!

See you soon!

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