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Your work meeting regardless of the weather

Votre séminaire en montagne

Why not let the weather drive your seminar?

Let’s kiss intensive work schedules goodbye: the usual getting up at the crack of dawn for a train or plane journey, checking-in at the hotel, quick lunch, first meeting, coffee break, another meeting, a little bit of down time (to read your emails of course), dinner, sleep, repeat! Three days on the trot, with perhaps one outdoor activity to relax a bit and back to the office with a backlog of emails to catch up on followed by a weekend to recover from this crazy week! Do you see any benefits in this? Because we don’t…

So why not rethink the format of your work meeting? Rather than having a set in stone program with fixed timings, how about letting the weather deciding how the day should go? So, no routine, only good surprises!

The weather is nice ? Let’s get everybody outside to enjoy some outdoor fun. Let’s have conference calls on the terrace, meetings sitting cross-legged on the lawn or yoga sessions in the shade under the trees. It’s time to slow down, why not come to the Alps?

The weather is turning into rain ? Let’s get everybody back indoors for a more conventional work session or a cooking workshop or a guided meditation session with Flore

Does that sound appealing but complicated to manage once onsite? Don’t worry, the Origyne·s’ team is here to assit you during your event: we are always one step ahead, anticipating and managing logistics on your behalf.

Not to mention that your guests will long remember this event where flexibility was key and where everyone was able to make the most of the beautiful venue you chose very carefully because it offered all the dream configurations for a work meeting!

The effects will be all the more positive on you and the attendees. Flexibility combined with outdoor activities enhance inter-personal exchanges and creativity. Following the weather conditions will allow to create an extraordinary event that will have a lasting impact on your audience.

So take the plunge and contact us now to organize your first weather-driven seminar!

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