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Origyne•s makes the most of this down time to get a makeover

Origynes logo

Origyne•s has refined its logo to better express its aim to assisting you in organizing your Alpine event.

A new logo also comes with a clear website highlighting our pledge, our strengths and our commitments. We are the dedicated partner who will guide you in the organization of your next conference or incentive trip in Megève and in Chamonix valley or anywhere else!

We are looking forward to working with you, and in the meantime we invite you to browse through our website to discover how and why Origyne•s will make your next project an ethical and eco-responsible event.

Let us guide you towards what we think is essential: giving meaning to your corporate events by guaranteeing a positive impact on all those around you. You will stand out with a meaningful and eco-friendly event which is key for your audience to be more receptive.

The time has come to create meaningful events!

As such, we thank our friends and partners for their valuable advice and support in our project.
At the start, we established our brand identity with guidance from the talented Nathalie of Maison Kieffer, a fascinating process which gave birth to Origyne•s.
Then we built a website to display our brand with Thomas Mallevays from Ctoutcom Studio.
Origyne•s has been an interesting cocktail from the start. Many four-way conversations took place at the beginning between Nathalie in Paris, Thomas in Chamonix, Jenn in Megève and Flore in the middle of the East African bush!

We also thank Nico, Kerry, Isa, Zakia, Grégory, les 2 Valérie, Lætitia, Peggy, Julie, Gautier, Quentin, Blandine, Géraldine, Cyprien, Stéphane, Franck, Nadia, Joelle and many others!

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