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Gradual lifting of lockdown, partial re-openings & team reunions!

Evènement professionnel bienveillant et éco-responsable

All our friends in countries around the world are looking forward to their own dates for the end of the lockdown, almost like New Year or going back to school in September, don’t you think?

We have had some time to reflect on ourselves, re-define our goals and how to reach them. Some of us have made new resolutions and here we are: motivated, fresh and ready to make things happen more simply and more eco-friendly!

But what will change now in our daily life? It’s up to us to decide! It’s up to each one of us to change some of our behaviors and above all, to stick to it. Here’s hoping that these new resolutions will last longer than those of the New Year!

At Origyne·s, we have decided to carry on working remotely, developing our networks to gain new clients through local word of mouth (for us local still leads us to Africa or New Caledonia…!). We are also keeping up with our daily yoga and meditation sessions to welcome life events just as they are. And above all, we are constantly looking out for new ideas that will make your next corporate event a unique experience.

Speaking of which, have you already thought about your next work meeting? We are not talking about going back to work this week when part of our team will most probably still be working remotely.

This work meeting should be very special for everyone to be properly welcomed back to work. It will be the perfect opportunity to gather around breakfast, lunch or an outdoor activity. Have you already thought about this precious time?

Contact us now to organise this gathering and we will make sure that it will be unforgettable.

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